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Why study sociology?

Sociology is an empowering A-level that will quite literally change your world view and will challenge preconceived ideas about the society in which you live. Sociology encompasses a wide range of topics from a number of theoretical viewpoints, all of which are relevant and contemporary to the issues that face society. These include the impact of changing family structures; the education system; crime and deviance and the impact of media and culture on society.

Successful sociology students will have an interest in society, and a desire to understand why society functions (or doesn’t) in such a way. They need to have an interest and an awareness of current affairs and want to develop their skills of critical analysis, debate and structuring a well-balanced, evidence based essay. They will question why and how different phenomena occur and will enjoy looking at issues from various points of view. They will also be required to understand the methodology behind social research, which can also prove to be useful skill for a wide range of subjects at university and employment.

What our students say

“I really enjoy Sociology, as I feel as though it is a subject that has relevance and importance for the future. The skills and topics I am learning also compliment my other subjects very well.” Lexy 

“It is a subject which allows you to learn more about the world in which you live and how it impacts on you as an individual.” Asrar 

“I really enjoy sociology as it is something different, yet fits in so well with my other subjects. It gives me a real insight into the society and this I believe will help me in the future, not just in Higher Education, but careers and life beyond this.” Hannah

“Sociology offers a unique academic learning experience in contrast to other more typical subjects.” Phillip 

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in English GCSE.

Potential courses

Sociology is a well-regarded subject, which can be studied at all universities and can also compliment and facilitate a wide variety of course combinations. The skills gained from this A-level such as research, essay writing, critical thinking and debates are valued by all higher education establishments.

  • Social science
  • Sociology
  • Human, social and political sciences (HSPS)
  • Social studies
  • Social work
  • Education
  • Law
  • Politics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Criminology

Potential careers

Graduates that have sociology as their degree or as part of their degree have a wide range of career opportunities. Employment pathways do tend to correlate with jobs connected to people and working with or understanding society.

  • Police
  • Criminologist
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Teacher
  • Public relations
  • Social work
  • Lawyer
  • Human resources
  • Manangement consultant


The A-level course

Exam paper% of A-levelTopics covered
Paper 133.3The topics studied are education, research methods and sociological theories, such as Functionalism, feminism, marxism, social action and postmodernism.
Paper 2 33.3The topics studied are families and households with the choice of media or religion and culture.
Paper 333.3The topics studied are crime and deviance, with a more in-depth analysis of theories, sociology and science, policy and values and ethics.

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