North Independent Secondary School of the Year 2020 North Independent Secondary School of the Year 2021

Our values

Our values in practice

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We teach our nursery children to strive to care, to be brave and we encourage them to grow a little every day.

Both inside and outside the classroom, we learn about our diverse world and our place within it. We cultivate a love of nature, and we take steps to care for our environment. We learn about and celebrate different cultures and beliefs.

Our nursery pupils learn to work with others from an early age. Our skilled teachers help our children learn how to make their own decisions. In doing so, our youngest pupils become responsible learners and grow in skills and confidence. We’ve even chosen classroom furniture which is specifically  designed with flexibility and collaboration in mind.

Or, if you prefer to chat to someone please call our admissions team. For Senior School call 0113 228 5121 and for Primary School call 0113 228 5113.