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Pastoral care

Caring for each child

Making your child feel valued, included and secure is central to our approach at GSAL. Our nursery teaching staff have time to care and get to know each individual child and what their special interests are. Your child’s happiness and well-being is always our key focus.

The EYFS pupils are based in their own dedicated section of the school.  This helps children feel safe and happy within their smaller, friendly community, yet they also benefit from being part of a larger school with access to state-of-the-art facilities.

We encourage pupils of all ages to work together. This includes our sixth form students assisting in nursery classrooms and supporting our youngest learners. By learning from and inspiring each other, our pupils flourish. That’s the magic of a supportive 3–18 school.

Medical support

The school has three fully qualified nurses who provide assistance to all our children. Their role ranges from attending to a child feeling unwell during the school day to helping support families concerned about their child’s eating or sleeping habits. There is a designated medical room in the primary school.

In addition, many of our staff are trained in basic first aid, with a number having additional qualifications.

Healthy for life

At GSAL, we understand that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. Our catering team provide a well-balanced lunch suitable for our youngest learners. Nursery pupils eat lunch in the dedicated Nursery – Year 2 dining room.

Our nursery curriculum includes yoga sessions aswell as music and movement activities each week. Each day the children can play on the large outdoor play equipment to practise climbing, balancing and develop gross motor skills.


GSAL is a multi-faith school.  We support our pupils to understand each other and to become well-rounded thinkers and more engaged, considerate citizens.

Come and visit us. We’d love to show you around.

Or, if you prefer to chat to someone please call our admissions team. For Senior School call 0113 228 5121 and for Primary School call 0113 228 5113.