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Student show is A Kind of Magic

Thursday 2 April 2020

Lucy Y12 reviews We Will Rock You (schools edition)

I love Queen, and was very happy to watch the senior school production of We Will Rock You.

This show tells the story of a future without musical instruments. A few rock rebels, the Bohemians, fight against the Globalsoft Company and its boss, the Killer Queen; they fight for freedom, individuality and the rebirth of the age of rock.

Two young outsiders, Scaramouche and Galileo, cannot come to terms with the bleak conformist reality. They join the Bohemians and together they try to bring back rock!

As the live band played a taster of what was to come, the audience waited in keen anticipation. First, we meet Pop, a colourful character for sure, documenting some findings into his phone, and then he leaves, his spotlight dimming.

The Commander is on stage, the picture of power, before the entire cast appear for Radio Ga-Ga. The super-talented Galileo Figaro and Scaramouche are introduced with their powerful solos, and from there it went a bit mad. In the best way, of course.

We meet the Killer Queen, and she is great. Spectacular fashion sense and characterisation, coupled with incredible vocal talent, perfectly portrayed a woman on a mission to control Planet Mall and ensure that live music remained forgotten forever.

Throughout the show I kept thinking how spectacularly crazy it all was. At the Heartbreak Hotel we met the Bohemians: a tough guy named Britney Spears, his girlfriend, Meatloaf, and their friends, including Sir Paul McCartney. Without exception, the leads and supporting cast were excellent singers.

The whirlwind first act ended with the Commander killing Britney Spears and capturing all the Bohemians, except Galileo and Scaramouche who make a nail-biting bid for freedom.

The second half began with a bang as the entire company performed the explosive One Vision and a high-energy dance routine.

The Queen references were so well placed throughout, including the supposed end of Galileo and Scaramouche’s journey – the Seven Seas of Rhye, where Bohemians are taken to have their brains wiped clean of such immoral thoughts as ‘live music.’

Here we meet Pop again, who reveals the end of our heroes’ journey. In the ruins of Wembley Stadium, where the famous Live Aid took place, they must find the guitar that will bring back the spirit of rock. You guessed it – they find the guitar and rock is restored at last.

The whole cast deliver We Will Rock You and We are the Champions before the grand finale, a Bohemian Rhapsody sing-a-long. Everybody knew the lyrics as if they had been practising for this moment their whole lives, showing the real impact that Queen, and other rock legends, have had on all age groups.

Big thanks to the technical crew, the live band, the costume and make-up teams and especially to Miss Roz Bendelow and Mrs Sarah MacKenzie, for making the show possible. It really was A Kind of Magic.

Full review on GSAL World.

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