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Exam results

Latest exam results

We are incredibly proud of our results in the public examinations as they lay testament to the quality of our teaching and the commitment of our students. Our latest results (compared to the national average) are published below.

A-level results 2020

(170 candidates)

Grade Cumulative %
GSAL ISC Schools* National
A* 31 14
A 70 38
B 90 65
C 99 88
D 100 97
E 100 100

GCSE results 2020

(198 candidates)

Grade Cumulative %
GSAL ISC Schools National
8 54 15
7 74 28
4 100 79

Data provided by the Joint Council for Qualifications (A-level) and OfQual (GCSE). Percentages may be rounded.

*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ISC will not be providing a sector-wide publication of exam results in 2020.

Added Value

The Advanced Level Performance System (ALPS) has awarded its certificate of Outstanding Progress to GSAL in recognition of the school’s national standing in A-level performance. The data which analyses the A-level results of schools and colleges in the UK to produce a three-year T-Score based on the quality of teaching and student outcomes puts GSAL in the top 5% of sixth forms nationally for adding value at A-level (2018).

PISA results

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a research exercise run by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to evaluate education in different countries. According to the latest study conducted in 2015 our students are world class, exceeding the performance of Singapore – the top performing country in science, maths and reading.

  Science Maths Reading
GSAL 611 566 588
Singapore 556 564 535
England (all schools) 512 493 500
England – selective (grammar) 595 573 571
England – independent (selective and non-selective) 566 548 555
England – comprehensive 502 483 490



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