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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care

We are committed to caring for our sixth-formers as well as educating them. Our aim is to help them develop their individual abilities and talents within an ethic of teamwork, friendship and mutual respect. Our pastoral system promotes and rewards good social skills and consideration for others. As a result, friendships formed at GSAL often endure for many years and unite nationalities and cultures.

We believe that learning is truly for life. It is also about life, in all its dimensions. It is our responsibility to offer every pupil as many opportunities as possible to learn, to develop, to achieve, to forge friendships, and to enjoy.

GSAL also prepares pupils for the continuing education or career path of their choice. Whilst our GCSE and A-level results are consistently well above the national average in all subjects, we know that it is imperative for students to feel supported and valued both in and outside of the classroom and our staff often go the extra mile in order to help, encourage and inspire students, so they can see what is possible.

Whatever lies beyond GSAL, we ensure that pupils receive the guidance, advice and support they need to achieve their next significant goal.

The House System

All senior school students are members of one of eight houses, in a flourishing and dynamic set up that brings pupils together from across the age groups and builds a sense of belonging.

The house system helps develop confidence through keen, but always friendly, competition in a range of events. House events provide pupils with many opportunities to mix socially and have a go as part of a team. The house system epitomises the spirit of the school; inclusive, vibrant, dynamic, competitive and fun.

There are weekly house assemblies where students and staff can bask in the most recent house competition success or commiserate and support if things have not gone so well.

The annual programme of house events includes music, drama, dance, debating, sport, cooking, quizzes and ingenious subject challenges, while new competitions are regularly added to the calendar regularly.

Medical and pastoral support

The Sixth Form has access to the senior school pastoral suite which is staffed by fully-qualified nurses who provide assistance throughout the day and at weekend sports fixtures. Many of our staff are trained in basic first aid, with a number having additional qualifications.


Our sixth form student faith leaders provide a vital role in promoting a culture of tolerance, respect and understanding across the school community. They act as role models to other students, and also lead on religious assemblies, marking important events in the faith calendar and fundraising for good causes.

We are resolutely a multi-faith school, as we consider this vital to the promotion of tolerance and understanding. We have our own faith co-ordinator, and religious assemblies are provided for the Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths; we also require religious studies to be taken by all pupils at GCSE to ensure that everyone has an understanding of the main faiths.

Healthy for Life

We all appreciate that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand and this is something we strive for in every facet of school life. Our refectory serves a healthy choice of meals, with hot and cold options including a help yourself salad bar as well as fresh fruit and desserts. The Sixth Form centre has its own dedicated café and restaurant area where further choices are available.

Our curriculum includes one afternoon per week dedicated to activities, including many sports, voluntary service and primary school pupil mentoring.  Sixth formers may also chose from a wide range of co-curricular clubs offered both before and after school and at lunchtimes.

Or, if you prefer to chat to someone please call our admissions team. For Senior School call 0113 228 5121 and for Primary School call 0113 228 5113.