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Fees and bursaries

Fees 2021-22

We recognise that choosing an independent school is an important decision, and for many families it represents a significant financial commitment. We aim to deliver an exceptional experience for all of our pupils whilst keeping our fees competitive.

We offer a number of ways that families can pay fees:

Annual Termly 9-monthly DD (Jul-Mar)
Senior School £14,751 £4,917 £1,639
Primary School (Y3-Y6) £11,016 £3,672 £1,224
Primary School (R-Y2) £10,098 £3,366 £1,122

Nursery Fees 2021-22*

Annual Termly 9-monthly DD (Jul-Mar)
Nursery – Full Time £9,000 3,000 £1,000
Nursery – 4 days £7,200  £2,400 £800
Nursery – 3 days £5,400 £1,800 £600

Lunches are not included in the fees. For 2021-22 the full time lunches for Primary will be £603 per year. Senior school pupils use a card system.

Fees must be paid in advance. If paying termly the fee payments are due 31 July, 31 October and 31 January. For further information please contact the fees department on 0113 228 5127 or

*Please note that from September 2021 we will not be accepting the Free Early Education Entitlement.

We pride ourselves on our ‘value-added’ and with the help of our pupils we have created this short film to explain what it means, and why it is so important for your child.


Means-tested bursaries

We offer means-tested bursaries for new pupils joining Year 7 and Year 12. Our bursaries are offered to pupils who rank highly in the senior school entrance exam (Year 7 bursaries) or have excellent GCSE grades (Year 12 bursaries) and whose families meet our financial criteria to ensure that a wide-range of pupils have the opportunity to attend the school.

Across the senior school, over 120 pupils receive either a full or partial bursary. Our ability to offer bursaries depends on the amount of funding we have available. Bursaries are awarded on a sliding scale of household income and the maximum household income to qualify is £60,000 pa. Most families who apply for a bursary receive free school meals, and the average bursary award is 75%. We are keen to receive applications from families who are seeking a partial bursary. We do not offer scholarships based solely on academic or sporting ability.

The table below gives an overview of the bursary bands:

Bursary bands for September 2022 entry
Gross household income Potential bursary award
0-£25k 100%
£25-31k 95-85%
£31-£41k 85-60%
£41-£51k 60-35%
£51-£67k 35-10%

Bursaries are offered following a rigorous means-testing process which includes a home visit and an assessment of your child’s academic performance but please be aware that while our bursary funds are growing steadily, there is extremely high competition for the awards with typically 10 applications for every Year 7 bursary and three per Year 12 bursary.

The deadline for bursary applications for September 2021 has now passed and we are not accepting any more bursary applications. You may still apply for a full fee-paying place, subject to spaces being available. 

If you would like to apply for a Year 7 bursary for September 2022 please complete the bursary application form below and return it to us by 30 September 2021. All Year 7 bursary applicants will be required to sit our bursary shortlisting exam, which will take place in October 2021.

If you would like to apply for a Year 12 bursary in September 2022 please complete the bursary application form below and return it to us as soon as possible. Whilst there is no application deadline for Year 12 bursaries, early applications are encouraged as funds are offered on a first come first served basis.

Documentation and guidance for bursary applications:

Music Scholarships

We have a proud music tradition and music is an essential part of school life. We offer a small number of music scholarships to new pupils joining the school in Year 7 and, depending on the scholar’s musical ability, the scholarship is worth either a 20% reduction on school fees or covers the cost of instrumental lessons.

Music scholarship applications involve an audition and as competition is high we expect applicants to be approaching or at Grades 4 or 5, preferably on an orchestral instrument. However, this is not essential. Music scholarships are offered to applicants who have satisfied our entrance  requirements, both in the academic examination and at interview.

In order to apply for a music scholarship, please indicate your interest on our online application form.

Or, if you prefer to chat with someone please call our admissions team on 0113 228 5121