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Rose Court Nursery

Rose Court Nursery

Good early years education from age three can help to significantly boost a child’s development. Our nursery offers an exceptional education for 3-year-old boys and girls before they progress to the reception year.

We offer the following options (term-time only):

Days Times
Full-time Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm
3 days Mon – Wed 9am – 3pm
4 days Mon – Wed
plus either Thu or Fri
9am – 3pm

A unique nursery environment with specialist facilities

Rose Court Nursery prides itself on being an educational nursery and not a typical day care provider. We offer a challenging and stimulating educational programme which forms an essential part of the foundation stage and prepares children for reception. It has its own dedicated area in the main primary building, including a newly built outdoor playground with climbing frames and areas specially designed for three-year-olds.

Pupils benefit from the outstanding facilities being part of a larger school provides, including two libraries, music and art rooms and a dance and drama studio.

Children eat lunch in the dedicated Nursery – Year 2 dining room a quiet and relaxed area where they feel comfortable and secure. They are encouraged to have good table manners and to enjoy this sociable meal time. Nursery children love being part of the wider primary school community taking part in celebrations and other activities which also ensures a smooth transition into the reception year.


Learning through play

Our nursery is led by hugely knowledgeable staff with a dedicated teacher allocated to each class supported by teaching assistants. With an excellent staff ratio the strengths of  individual pupils are recognised and nurtured from day one. Children enjoy using all the areas of provision and working with staff on structured activities. This takes place in small groups and also on an individual basis. The areas of provision are all carefully planned to maximise learning opportunities.

Research has proved that young children are more receptive earlier in the day and with this in mind, mornings in the nursery focus on structured activities to promote literacy, numeracy and creative thinking with afternoons dedicated to a carousel of activities where children enjoy child-initiated learning, the arts and being outside.

Individual profiles and year books are kept for each child and we work closely with parents to develop these. Parents are regularly invited to contribute to these special records and to share their knowledge with us, as they know their children better than anyone!

“We are happy that we made the decision to send Olivia to nursery, as opposed to waiting until reception. We have witnessed a great deal of development, socially, emotionally and academically.”


Or, if you prefer to chat to someone please call our admissions team. For Senior School call 0113 228 5121 and for Primary School call 0113 228 5113.